Mark E  (United Kingdom)

Auntie Flo (Glasgow)

Basic Soul Unit (Toronto)

Hunee (Berlin)

Glimpse (London)

Deetron (Switzerland)

Tim Sweeney (NYC)

Optimo (Glasgow)


  1. ZanJanuary 16, 2013Thank you, Emily! Even if it’s not my inaugural dinner back in Buffalo, it would be great to meet you once we move. At this point, I only know Paul’s family — and while they’re great, I need to meet some females around my age as well. 🙂

  2. I could write a book about my views on global warming, but I wont. Instead, I would like to note that Al Gore isnÂ’t trying to become presidentÂ…. haha. Whoever read that obviously isnÂ’t following presidential politics in the least. I just canÂ’t stand when people blow up about something that they are completely uneducated about.

  3. अगदी अगदी! या लोकांना कुठल्या प्रसंगी काय दाखवावे याची अक्कल तर जाऊच दे पण शरमही नाहीये. मी ही खूप वेळ नेटवर पाहत होते… इतके इरिटेट झाले नं.. मुळात ’ बाळासाहेबांचा ’ एकेरी उल्लेख आणि तोही या बाजारबुणग्यांनी करावा…

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