Living the Highlife with Auntie Flo

HAHA Industries Interview

What inspired you to begin Djing and producing?

Listening to John Peel’s Radio 1 show as a teenager inspired me to start collecting vinyl. A lot of music he played on his show was only available on that format. I borrowed one antique turntable from my dad and starting writing down as much music from his shows as possible and then going out every saturday to buy it at my local record shop. DJing naturally followed a couple of years later when I worked out why you would want to have 2 decks!

Lately your music has had a heavy latin and African influence. Is there a story behind this?

As a record collector and music fan, I am constantly on the look out for new sounds. I spent ten years collecting music from mainly Europe and the US but over the past 4-5 years have spent more time seeking music from further afield. This recent interest has influenced my production and become part of my DJ sets.

What has been your most memorable gig to date?

A toss up between Fabric for my album launch or Panorama Bar sandwiched between Henrik Schwarz and Ame. Both were totally mindblowing and involved a ton of my closest friends and I all partying together in two of the best clubs in the world.

What can the Australian dancefloors expect from you?

I always try and do something different so hopefully I’ll introduce to Australia some mind blowing music they’ve never heard before, alongside a good bunch of Glaswegian party starters!

What are some of the things you’re looking forward to doing most after touching down here in Australia?….aside from playing records of course!

Hopefully some decent weather, although I gather this might not be the best time of year! I’ve got a few friends who’ve moved to Australia from the UK over the years so catching up with them and seeing the sites for sure.

Any upcoming releases or other exciting news in the pipeline?

My next release will be a remix i did for a band called Duologue which is getting put out on Innervisions sub label Philomena. It was a real honour to have both Ame and Dixon working on the final mixdown. I’ve got a few new Auntie Flo releases coming out this year – possibly the next will be via Matias Aguayo’s Comeme, a label which I’ve been a fan of since day one, and also a few things va Huntleys and Palmers.

You’ve just recently begun playing live, what made you decide to start down that path?

I’ve actually being doing live performances for a number of years and so was something I definitely wanted to do for Auntie Flo. Playing live is a completely different ball game to DJing, but it’s a great way to create something unique and a true representation of your sound. I’m not a natural musician so been great to work with Esa Williams on the live shows.

In terms of your music production, do you find you’re more into the analog domain or do you keep things primarily digital?

I’m a bit of both – I’m not a purest but I do find the unlimited possibilites with digital a bit daunting so I like to use analogue to keep the balance. Better to focus on one sound and make it really good than throw everything into the mix.


Boiler Room DJ Set