Swimming Around – Hunee’s First Australian Tour

Interview by Dean Dixon 

Hunee’s First trip to OZ, Five minute Question & Answer Session! Everyone in Australia is very excited to have you down under for the first time! We hope you’re gearing up for it, packing your swimmers and bringing us better weather to our wet summer!

Now onto our short little Q&A:

Firstly, what excites you most about coming to Australia besides seeing old friends and the blue ocean water?

What could be more interesting, than exploring a new continent! Also, leaving the berlin winter in order to chase down summer is a dream never fullfilled so far. Can’t wait!

What producer or DJ would you die to play alongside or produce with?

Uhhh, just thinking about the nights i already shared with great DJ’s like Mark Seven, Sadar Bahar, Traxx or Carlos Souffront almost kills me. Tonight i play in Amsterdam with Antal from Rush Hour, he is a DJ i always wanted to hear live in action – hope this won’t kill me. I played with people i expected so much from and was dissapointed, and then again, at times, i play with locals from everywhere or friends from around and they kill me with their feeling and programming.

What is the most memorable gig you’ve ever played, and why?

Top 3! in no order… Panorama Bar last year on sunday evening on Prosumers record release party alongside Murat Tepeli, Larry Heard, Tyree Cooper, Prosumer himself and right after Soundstream. After the first nervous 20 minutes of “getting into it” – i felt like flying! Deeply connected to the crowd, being fed with courage to play better than ever. It was it! Croatia, 2010, Electric Elephant festival, beach stage, late evening, open air. I started with a Pepe Braddock record, found myself stranded on the west african coast in 1980 and ended the journey with sleazy, balearic, hands-in-the-air jams. Nuff said. My 5hours + + + sets in a basement in russia, in a pitch black club in japan, in a bar in berlin.

Vinyl or CDs? Why?

Both, because no night is the same.

What’s your main or pivotal focus when making a track?

It changes all the time. Sometimes i want to explore a certain synth, another time i want to duplicate an existing track i like, in order to understand how the structure is build, how the sounds work together. Sometimes i play around and get chord changes i wanna use, find samples on records i listen to, another time its just a hi-hat figure that triggers all the ideas for the entire track.

If there was one talent you wish you possessed, what would it be?

Playing the piano. And finishing tracks.

Do you have any favorite Australian producers?

I love em all. By reading your past interviews you tend to use the word ‘lazy’ frequently, though by looking at all of your releases, you seem quite the opposite.

When producing, do you have a specific plan of attack in the studio for getting a track done & dusted?

Hmm, lazy, is that so? Haha, well, i don’t think its lazyness. I am just interested in a lot of things, things that find their expression outside the record bag or studio. Studio work is simple, i have a deadline, i try to get it done (most of the time a rather painful process). I dont have a deadline, i work on whatever is fun and comes natural (which sometimes is vacuum cleaning the floor or drinking a whiskey)

You’ve been quoted as using both computers and outboard gear to produce your music, can you tell us a bit more about which synths get switched on most when you’re jamming?

Juno 106. Period. I like my rhodes plugin for jamming harmonies.

When you’re in charge of making that dancefloor move like crazy, what sounds do you call on to make it a reality?

Generally i like the human element in dj-ing, risks, fuckups, surprises, sweat. I prefer tracks from the other side of the cliched formula or maybe i just prefer another formula… I have an idea of a certain functional sound aesthetic, these are sounds, i try to stay away from. And well, naturally, i call on the sounds that drive me crazy!