Here Comes The E

HAHA Industries Interview


What made you start delving into dance music all those years ago?

Looking back there were a number of major influences, firstly I had an older brother who was well into his music and going clubbing, right at the time rave kicked off in the early 90’s, secondly it was all over the TV from what i can remember, youth culture TV had been born, dance music was in the charts, my mates were swapping Sasha mix tapes in the playground, and I had bought my first record player as a 13 year old in 1989 so it was inevitable.

What do you enjoy most about visiting Australia?

The weather, although i think ive never been at the height of summer before, but its still better than the UK summer. Plus the relaxed atmosphere.

We always ask this question of all the artists we tour, so here we go again, Vinyl, cd, laptop or combo?

Vinyl & CD

As a producer, what lights your creative spark in the studio?

I have a 30minute drive to my studio, so I always make sure i get a good mix CD for the journey  or an album im into, i then concentrate non stop on the music and think what shall i do today until i get there, i sometimes never remember my journey, bit scary really.

Do you prefer engaging in the virtual side of things when producing or do you embrace the analog side of things more?

Up until very recently I had been totally computer based. And now Im building up quite a collection of hardware which I must admit has opened up a whole new world, I dont know what I was doing before, the sound and the warmth and the creativity is just flowing having hands on ability rather than scrolling a mouse around.

Can you give us a hint of what you’ve got coming up in the pipeline? Any new releases or upcoming tours of exciting destinations?

I have my 4th Release coming up on Gerd Jansons RUNNING BACK label in September / October which is sounding excellent. And im currently working on my second LP for spectral, hopefully due early 2014.

Do you find life as a touring dj more exciting or would you prefer spending your time in the  studio?

I love DJing, it was my number 1 before producing, but the travelling can be hard, but i cant complain what a job to have, I used to do a 9-5 behind a desk so always remind myself of that when im knackered at an airport wishing i was at home.
But I do love producing, especially now im exploring the analogue equipment, its exciting.

Your releases have seen the light of day on a number of great record labels, can you enlighten us on how these came about?

I have this friend who spends his life trawling the internet looking for, talking about, buying, making music, and I used to give him some of my music, little did I know he was in touch with guys like Gerd Janson from Running Back & Phil South from Golf channel, who he would send my music to, when i found out i was pretty angry, but it meant they heard it and ultimately wanted to release it.

Do you have any favourite labels you seem to migrate towards when selecting your records?

Running Back, Philpot, Parkway, ESP, Kristpfferson, Mahogani, Sound Signature, Systrum, FXHE, Gold Channel, Spectral, MERC.