Via Trans-Disco: Interview with Twitch
(A quick one…)

Interview by Dean Dixon 

The saying goes, “three times Lucky”, how would you say this statement applies in this case, considering it’s your third time to Sydney and this time round you’re playing at a secret BYO warehouse  party?

I think this time is going to be the best yet. Have dug a lot of warehouse music especially. So, that record label of yours -affectionately named “Optimo Music”- has been creating quite a stir.

Can you give us a bit of a heads up for what’s on it’s horizon?

We have just signed a distribution deal with Kompakt. upcoming are releases from chris carter, space system (from Jakarta), throbbing gristle and a group of 8 year olds doing cover versions of post punk classics!

Nearly everyone knows your record collections are massive and amongst the best of the world’s other fine sound   providers…..can you tell us a few of the new favorites that have been added to the pile of late?

I have a big pile of nigerian funk and high life records i am working my way through. I don’t really play very much of that music in my sets but listen to it at home all the time. I’m also going through a load of old gospel records for a forthcoming godcast I’m putting together. During your past visits to Sydney you’ve both checked out the Opera House and of course the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Bondi Beach  and a few select hotel rooms.

Any thoughts of locations or sites you  guys would like to swing by this time around?

Sadly we are straight in and out of Sydney this time so i think we will be seeing more hotel room! We all know this industry is very competitive and can be a  bit “dog-eat-dog” at times. Yet you guys carry an ethos and mentality about the scene that everyone should have and most desire. Certainly, the world would be a much happier and peaceful place if it were the case!

For all the promoters, Dj’s, producers and  punters who look up to you both (least of all us of  course… HAHA), what  advice would you give them?

Do it with love and passion. On your first visit to Sydney, two long years ago now, you were both taken to a particular Sydney Hotel, where you were served Kangaroo, Emu, and Crocodile pizza’s…

Can you remind us which one (s) were your favorite(s)?

We can’t recall…. and we’re blaming the beers!