Ten Years in Space — Tim Sweeney chats to HAHA on the way out for the 10th Anniversary Show

Interview by Dean Dixon 

Aside from touring with LCD Sound system, playing at the DFA label parties, your own underground parties and festivals, what is your main inspiration for Beats in Space?

Finding great music and playing it for people. It’s pretty simple, but that’s it really. Everything effects that though, from the places I’m traveling, people I’m meeting, records I’m finding, or artists/dj’s I’m hearing. The radio station now features many DJ tracks, most recently Bone Shackers, & Mike Dunn.

Besides your own work are there any artists in particular you like to feature on the show?

I mean, that kind of thing changes from month to month with the music I’m hearing and getting into. This year I’ve really loved the Hercules and Love Affair stuff (either Andy Butler’s original music or the remixes he’s done). But I think if you just check out the playlists on the website you’ll find when one artists seems to be getting played more than others.

What is your favorite part about the Tuesday slot?

It’s just nice to be in this basement studio, with no worries about any dancefloor or really about anyone listening.

Is there something about being a Radio Presenter/Mixer that you find special?

I just enjoy doing it. Like I mentioned above, it’s just nice to be there without any worries (for the most part).

Out of all Dance Music Genres, what is your favorite to put on?

No favorites here. One day I might be in a more industrial mood, another day it might be more a chicago house mood, but I play all these different genres because I love the music.

What sort of audience tunes into to hear your show on a Tuesday night?

No idea! That’s the fun part of radio. Anybody could be listening. You Never know.

When starting out in 1999, could you ever imagine Beats in Space to come this far? What do you think has been your critical success factor that has drawn so many people to your show?

No, I had no idea what would happen with the show…. but it’s nice that the show keeps growing. I’m not sure what the critical success factor was. Hopefully it’s the good music each week.

What future developments can we look forward to with not only your own tours & parties, but that of Beats in Space?

I’m working on a new website for the radio show, so I’m excited about getting that up and running. Hopefully it’ll be up before the end of the year.

Where do you see yourself headed within the next five years?

Burnt out.