We’re a Sydney based crew with a hankering to deliver you quality music nights left of center. Dj’s, Live Acts – local & abroad; Armed with an eclectic array of sounds and a purpose – to create special moments for other open minded folk like us.


We endorse local artists and are about creating community. We feel it’s important to express ones attitude, musical taste & artistic integrity so that Sydney can become a more unique space to live in.

We like change and we like you.

Aside from our events, we support local groups and communities that we appreciate are fueling creativity.

The UTS Architectural Faculty in their exhibition’s and end of year grad shows, the Co-Isolated exhibition 2010, the Hardware Gallery Enmore in conjunction with the Sydney Fringe Festival2010 & 2011, the Colourblind Project launch party, the first Australian Burning Seed Festival 2010, the Gas Project 2007 and 2008 and in late 2011 supported and performed at Melbourne’s first ever Pause Festival interactive arts festival.

To the many friends from way back at the house parties, to those at the Abercrombie, to the helping hands at the beach parties, to the sneaky folk who found us in the warehouses and to the more recent friends we’ve made at our international artist showcases – we THANK all of YOU who have encouraged and supported us.

…and more of those we can’t do without…

Hunee, Basic Soul Unit, Africa Hitech, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin – Detroit, Tim Sweeney (DFA Records / Beats in Space), Recloose (Planet E, Peacefrog -Detroit/NZ), Optimo (Kill the dj, Eskimo, Endless Flight, Soma – UK), Dj Spun (Rong Music, Tu Rong – NYC), Vince Watson (Planet E, F-Comm, Delsin, Ibadan, Bio- UK), Mark Pritchard (Warp Recordings/UK), Glimpse (Planet E, Cadenza, Four Twenty,Buzzin’Fly, Glimpse Recordings…), Gareth Jones, Adam Eastman, Matt Bonsor, Jeremy Baker, Dan Rogers, Adi B, Adrian Lahoud, MODIFI… Edseven, Hank, Magda (4OUR), Bleepin’ J Squawkins, Deepchild (Future Classic), Jimi Polar (Future Classic), Jamie Lloyd (Future Classic), Matt Aubussun (Glitch/Minimal Fuss), Dave Choe (Glitch/Minimal Fuss), Trevor ‘El Chino’ Parkee (2SER), Resurrectors (Future Classic), Peret Mako (Room to Manoeuver/Future Classic), Ken Cloud (Mad Racket), Simon Caldwell (Mad Racket), Jimmi James (Mad Racket), Sci Phi (Hospital Records- UK), Piet Stoaling (Radio Magnetic – UK), max vEgas (Melbourne/St. Jerome’s/Kiss FM), Trinity (Loose Kaboose), Doppelganger (Disco Not Disco), James Bucknell (Paradise Lost), Schwa (Beef Recordings), Bentley (Dustones), John Wall (Fuzzy), Liam & Niall Cameron, Noel Boogie, Bump Dj’s, Burn (Fugly), Kali, Deep Fryer, Monk Fly, Jonny Faith