Part of Australia’s own home grown and long-time Clan Analogue label, “Bleepin J Squawkins” performed their unique LIVE show to a roaring crowd at one of our UTR warehouse parties way back in 2009.

That night, they released upon us an awesome display of pure early-electro and acid goodness… All the way through, from the first squelch of the 303 to the last, they had us kicking and screaming on that dancefloor….we wanted more! So, we felt it was the perfect occasion to have them back, to really make US move on our jacked to the hilt 4 point FUNKTION 1 surround sound system!

A truly radical lead into one of Detroit’s finest.
Check out their sounds at and hear all the rest of it with us…

“There’s no escape of the electro revival of the past couple of years. Every fucking producer claims to be electro this and electro that. Well, Bleepin’ J Squawkins (Ed Leckie and Julian Higginson from Sydney) have captured the essence of electro both new and old with a dash of disco bump...” Beat magazine

“This is pure, unadulterated Aussie electro from Clan Analogue’s new darkroom pin-ups Bleepin’ J Squawkins…” Substrata

Photo’s by brokengod

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