BRING THE HEAT BEAT! NO ZU & Sal P 8 piece extravaganza.

Ancient Mind Head

NO ZU are a body-music extravaganza, a world unto it’s own and more of a family (or cult!) than any type of traditional band. Other-worldly vocals, punctuating horn parts, housey synths, deep groove basslines and latin percussion are the ingredients that make up their art-damaged sound that is deeply rooted in the long history of global rhythmic music. The moods of no-wave, boogie, dub, disco and salsa manifest into what has become known as NO ZU’s very own, “heat beat”. They are inescapably antipodean in outlook and feeling, yet are particularly global and universal in influence.

Following a fleeting collaboration in the states, NO ZU will be joined by none other than Sal P, of NYC post-punk, post-disco band, LIQUID LIQUID.

Heavily entrenched in the rich history of New York City’s underground, LIQUID LIQUID’s music was in part an early inspiration during the formative years of the NO ZU family.

This exciting colourful on stage union could not be more exciting!


Catch the NO ZU 8 piece band experience featuring Sal P from Liquid Liquid.
HAHA & Goodgod presents NO ZU live & Sal P
Friday 30 January 2015
Supported by D&D, Jimmy Sing & Edseven.

$20 / $25 / $30