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THE PRINCIPATO – Sal P DJ Set in Sydney

Sal P

Sal P

Sal P aka Salvatore Principato is the vocalist from Liquid Liquid, a New York City post-punk, post-disco band, originally active from 1980 to 1983. They are best known for their track, “Cavern“, which was covered by the Sugar Hill Records house band as the backing track for Grandmaster + Melle Mel’s old school rap classic, “White Lines“.

He’s known to use his voice as an instrument, focusing more on pitch and rhythm than words and lyrics. Liquid Liquid’s music is essentially groove-based and influenced by a variety of sources, including funk, dub reggae of the 1970s, and punk in its do it yourself garage approach. Their songs do not follow standard pop song form, having no defined verses or chorus.

Art conductor, vegan chef and minimal punk funk legend. Liquid Liquid’s Sal P live in the mix at São Paulo’s Museu da Imagem e do Som.

RMBA Radio
Sal P live from Sao Paulo

Liquid Liquid circa 1980's

Liquid Liquid circa 1980’s

In a career lasting more than three decades, New York’s very own Salvatore Principato aka Sal P gained notoriety in various trades and genres. If not for his photography or vegan cooking, Sal is probably known best for lending his voice and percussion skills to NYC’s minimalist punk funk outfit Liquid Liquid. Their own brand of ‘body music’ began to be heard not only alongside bands such as Suicide and ESG, but also in the pioneering sets of DJs like Afrika Bambaataa and Larry Levan, most famously being sampled by Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 on White Lines, forever putting their name in hip hop’s history books. In the early 1990s, Sal P began conducting words-and-music shows in clubs and art venues, was running his own rehearsal studio, and got involved with a number of fellow free-spirited bands and projects such as Liki Othaus and Avant Garbage. His efforts behind the decks have taken him all over the world, playing a distinctive blend of afro-latin sounds, rare grooves and deep disco.



Beats In Space Radio Show #480

Catch Sal P in the mix as well as performing live with NO ZU.
HAHA & Goodgod presents NO ZU live & Sal P
Friday 30 January 2015
Supported by D&D, Jimmy Sing & Edseven.

$20 / $25 / $30


Extrasensory – Pelvis up on the decks at HAHA this weekend



These young guns shoot directly from the hip, let fly from left to right and make you jump straight out your boots.

From low slung spaced out jams to heavy well aged, trip’d out acid house, and careful now, these debaucherous little sons o’ guns just might slyly drop a tainted sugar cube into your swerve once they’ve got you in full party mode.

With their packed out Goodgod Danceteria shindigs having caught the attention of Melbourne who’ve already firmly grabbed hold of their bits on occasion and stashed them down in the legendary Mercat basement to bang out tunes til late into the night.

Having also played host to artists like Lee Douglas (International / DFA) and Maxmillion Dunbar AKA Beautiful Swimmers (Future Times / L.I.E.S.), these three young yay-sayers will also be joining at the hips with another local life of the night impresario, Noise In My Head, to host a NYE bash of epic proportions.

So prepare yourselves, large it they will and so shall each and every one of you lucky enough to have purchased a wee piece of that warehouse dance floor for the night.

Limited tickets – snap ‘em up HERE

Catch Pelvis in the mix at E.S.P warehouse party – Saturday 8 November alongside the Preacha, Steele Bonus and our own D&D aka Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes.

Ear to the ground:


Extrasensory – Preacha (Astral People/Low Motion) plays HAHA



A man of heavy stature by way of beats not size, he will ensure you shuffle your feet to the sound of deep soul, shake your ass to the finest house and funk you up well and truly to the rest of his sound tripping tips. Another brightly shining star of the local Astral People camp, he’s done side to side shuffles behind the decks alongside a boastful list of international sound selectors including Omar-S, Kyle Hall, Loefah, Ben UFO and Floating Points.

Aside from all the above action he’s getting up to most weekends he also drags down a heaving bag of wax to FBi Radio continuing his weekly co-hosting duties on the Low Motion show (alongside Max Gosford & Moriarty). Stack that together with a new weekly Friday residency at the late night institution Spice with his partner in crime Ben Fester (who recently hit the decks at HAHA), it all ensures his record bag is constantly weighed down by pleasing surprises to twist you up on the dance floor.

We would hate for you to miss his first foray into the tripadelic domains of a late night HAHA warehouse workout.

Recorded Live at The Record Store in Sydney, July 26 2014.

You can catch Preacha in the mix at the next E.S.P warehouse party – Saturday 8 November alongside the Pelvis Dj’s, Steele Bonus and our own D&D aka Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes.

Tickets $25 and are on sale now only through White Label.


Preacha SoundCloud

Low Motion SoundCloud

6-8pm every Tuesday (Sydney)
FBI 94.5FM

Replayed on FBI Click (Digital)

Extrasensory – Steele Bonus (Odd Waves/High Spirits) plays HAHA

Steele Bonus

Steele Bonus

With a name that speaks for itself, he’s like that extra special, hidden bonus level on your favourite video game. The guy is an absolute gun when it comes to splashing out everything from the oddest and quirkiest electro jams you’ve never even heard before twisting you up to the finest antiquities of the disco era.

Along with being part promoter of the High Spirits parties, Steele is also the creator of the Odd Waves book and mix tapes which “chronicles the rogue sub-culture of pop art punks, disco weirdos and synthesists from 1979-1985″. You can find out more about Odd Wanes over at Noise In My Head.

Night After Night by Steele Bonus

Catch Steele in the mix at the next E.S.P warehouse party – Saturday 8 November alongside the Pelvis Dj’s, Preacha and our own D&D aka Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes.

Tickets $25 and are on sale now only through White Label.


Steele Bonus SoundCloud

Musica Viva @ The Standard feat. Dave Fernandes (HAHA)

Musica Viva and The Standard bring you two of Australia’s hottest young ensembles performing their favourite works by new and well-loved composers for a night of fantastic chamber music, on Saturday 11 August 6pm.

Enigma Quartet
Streeton Trio

Come and enjoy our best young musicians as they perform in one of Sydney’s coolest art spaces. Plus, DJ Dave Fernandes will be performing prior to and after the main event.

Sweeney Show Line-Up Announced

OK folks, first hand news, the support line up is as follows!

Sinclair (2SER)
With HAHA Troubadors:
Dean Dixon
Dave Fernandes
Long John Saliva

…and of course Tim :)

Friday 27 November
Civic Underground, Cnr Pitt & Goulburn St in the City.
Tickets on sale soon…keep your ears to the ground.

Tim’s Ten!


Beats in Space host Tim Sweeney from NYC will be returning to HAHA this November for the 10th Year Anniversary Show. Event details coming soon!!!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.


Attention Sydneyside Infantry Division;

For this very special mission we have requested the assistance of a UK ally –


Swooping in to Sydney on the Bird Series Album Tour, his first in Australia, Glimpse aka Chris Spero is a young, famed fighter who has received much praise after showcasing his skills in his previous releases on Planet E, Cadenza, Four:Twenty, Buzzin’Fly and in his own arsenal under the same name…

An assured leader, Glimpse will spearhead a stalwart front line of airborne attack including:

Ken Cloud (Mad Racket)
HAHA Troopadors Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes
Magda (Speakeasy)

9PM / $20 / BYO

Please respect the area, the neighbors and your fellow soldiers.

Over and out.

Headroom is back!

Headroom is back for another night of electronic, hyper colour synth mayhem, and after Monk Fly’s & Jonny Faith’s first blinding appearance at our last warehouse party, this night is guaranteed to rock!

Feat. Dizz 1 | Sofie Loizou | Stu Buchanan
Civic Underground Fri Aug 14
10 – 3am | $10 moshtix | $15 on the door

Residents as usual are Monk Fly & Jonny Faith, both with crates full of new cutting edge music.

Warehouse Photos

We have photos up from UTR#03 from the long weekend. Cracking night!!! Thanks to all 300 strong crowd who came out to play with us as well as sound providers: BLEEPIN’ J SQUAWKINS for their live acid sugar cube test, JIMI POLAR for his driving boogie beats, and HAHA Troubadors MODIFI, DAVE FERNANDES, DEAN DIXON. Again, all you dancefloor fanatics, thanks for being an awesome crowd! Good stuff! Keep an eye out for UTR#04…


Thanks to The Gutter Romantic and Two Thousands for the shots.

Speak easy friend…

The Magnificent Magda & faithful HAHA Troubadour is starting up her own night deep down in The Burdekins hidden Dug Out Bar on Thursday 7 May. Opening nights special guest, HAHA’s own Dean ‘Pantalones’ Dixon.

Come down and join us for a late week musical soiree, hosted by Magda.

FREE ENTRY / 7-11PM / Happy Hour 7-8PM


Once again Angelina’s never ending string of quality photos are up for all to see from Optimo, check ’em out… and also check out Angelina’s galleries from other events – the girl is good!

A big thanks to all you cats who came down for Optimo, a HUGE thanks for Jonnie & Keith for gracing us with their presence once again and for another night of ridiculously amazing music!  Big thanks also goes out to the local support acts- The PROCESS VOID,  SUB BASS SNARL & the ever so youthful PAPA vs PRETTY – the night wouldn’t have been the same without you all. Big HAHA love! – see you allnext time.

Psst….stay tuned for the live recording of the night!

Optimo this Friday!!!

The OPTIMO boys have assisted in arranging a Victorian Bushfire Benefit Gig last night in Melbourne alongside Cut Copy amongst others. So they’ll not be playing live on FBI today any longer. HOWEVER, they’ve kindly spun up an exclusive mix to air in their place which will only ever be available on the web so it’s set to be a one time listening affair from NOON TODAY on FBI radio! There’s gonna be ticket giveaways too so give a ring into the studio if yer keen for free double passes!

Get ready peeps, the lads will be in town this Friday to deliver a megablast of sounds along with Papa vs Pretty (Live), Sub Bass Snarl (Live), The Process Void (Live), Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes (HAHA) + visual interludes by Vlad & Snez.

Get your tix up until 7pm tonight through – the rest will be on the door.


9:00pm-10:00pm Dave Fernandes & Dean Dixon (Dj set)
10:00pm-10:10pm Audio/Visual Show
10:10pm-10:50pm THE PROCESS VOID (live)
10:50pm-11:00pm Audio/Visual Show
11:00pm-12:00 SUB BASS SNARL (live)
12:00-12:10am Audio/Visual Show
12:10am-12:50 PAPA VS PRETTY (live)
12:50am-1:00am Audio/Visual Show
1:00am O P T I M O

PLEASE REMEMBER THE LOCK OUT – By law the Oxford Art Factory has a lock out at 3am. This means that if you’re not in by then, you WILL NOT be allowed in.

Optimo full LIVE line up announced!

It’s only 4 weeks before we see those two Glaswegians return to ol’ Sydney Town and not only are they gonna rip it up like a Buckfast hang over, so is our support line-up may we just say! They’ve all been carefully hand picked specifically for our upcoming extra special occasion:

Papa vs Pretty (Live 3-piece band)

This trio of young musical prodigies have been stirring up Sydney’s Live music pot of gold lately. Their near show stopping, energetic bursts and stunning delivery of instrumental mixtures of synthesized, psychedelic Indie Rock n’ Roll….will leave you drooling for more!

Sub Bass Snarl (Live)

A name long lost has been dusted off and is set to make an ultimate appearance. After 10 years hosting the infamous Frigid* parties here in Syd-city, both Seb & Luke Snarl have been asked to delve deeply into their subconscious and give us their intermixture of Krautrock, down beat sounds, early 80s oddities, and sweet touches of Detroit tech…. just so you can shake that body of yours.

The Process Void (Live / Vocals)

This duo is truly a diamond in the rough! Expect an amazing array of warped-out post punk industrialized sounds generated with structured rhythm patterns, arpeggiated synth melodies and bass lines, fused with sound collages, atmospheric guitars, moody keyboards and the occasional vocal. They are one hell of a mechanized euphonic assortment of sound.

Audio visual interludes throughout the night assembled by Vlad & Snez with it’s soundtrack composed by Jamie Lloyd.

And of course, entertaining you while the Court Jesters are left fighting on the streets for the crown – HAHA Troubadours Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes will be up on deck starting the night with a concoction of underground goods.


Doors open 9pm – first act from 10pm

Tickets available from

Under the Radar 02 – Warehouse Party

Saturday 10th January was a busy weekend. With the launch of Sydney Festival’s street party and a whole bunch of people still on holiday we decided to throw our second warehouse party!

Taking off at 11PM, the Intergalactic HAHA Troubadours Dean Dixon, Dave Fernandes, Magda, Long John Saliva & Gatti took you on an intimate affair to another planet….in an inner city location.  With a strictly limited capacity and a BYO Booze policy in effect, it was certainly another special night. It was great watching you all dancing without a care in the world! See you all again next time….


Seriously, if there’s anything you should be spending money on in this current day in age it’s beer and this, Adbusters Magazine.

You want food for thought? Reading Adbusters is the most forward and insightful source ink has put to paper. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, this international based “ad free” mag exposes topics of war and corporate greed, ridicules fashion and politicians, displays youth culture in far away countries, makes you look at Western Civilisation and the exploits of advertising.

“We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.”

If that doesn’t want to make you read it, then good luck with everything.

Super Systems

Sydney artist KILL PIXIE has been abroad for sometime now in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles after making some killer shows here in Sydney. Mark’s next show is in Berlin showing a new series of work, ‘Super Systems’ with Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Berlin.

Also showing is artist ‘Travis Louie’ who will be exhibiting ‘Inhuman Oddities.’ The work will be available to view online as of Saturday November 22nd.