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Sal P
Sal P

Sal P aka Salvatore Principato is the vocalist from Liquid Liquid, a New York City post-punk, post-disco band, originally active from 1980 to 1983. They are best known for their track, “Cavern“, which was covered by the Sugar Hill Records house band as the backing track for Grandmaster + Melle Mel’s old school rap classic, “White Lines“.

He’s known to use his voice as an instrument, focusing more on pitch and rhythm than words and lyrics. Liquid Liquid’s music is essentially groove-based and influenced by a variety of sources, including funk, dub reggae of the 1970s, and punk in its do it yourself garage approach. Their songs do not follow standard pop song form, having no defined verses or chorus.

Art conductor, vegan chef and minimal punk funk legend. Liquid Liquid’s Sal P live in the mix at São Paulo’s Museu da Imagem e do Som.

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Sal P live from Sao Paulo

Liquid Liquid circa 1980's
Liquid Liquid circa 1980’s

In a career lasting more than three decades, New York’s very own Salvatore Principato aka Sal P gained notoriety in various trades and genres. If not for his photography or vegan cooking, Sal is probably known best for lending his voice and percussion skills to NYC’s minimalist punk funk outfit Liquid Liquid. Their own brand of ‘body music’ began to be heard not only alongside bands such as Suicide and ESG, but also in the pioneering sets of DJs like Afrika Bambaataa and Larry Levan, most famously being sampled by Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 on White Lines, forever putting their name in hip hop’s history books. In the early 1990s, Sal P began conducting words-and-music shows in clubs and art venues, was running his own rehearsal studio, and got involved with a number of fellow free-spirited bands and projects such as Liki Othaus and Avant Garbage. His efforts behind the decks have taken him all over the world, playing a distinctive blend of afro-latin sounds, rare grooves and deep disco.


Beats In Space Radio Show #480

Catch Sal P in the mix as well as performing live with NO ZU.
HAHA & Goodgod presents NO ZU live & Sal P
Friday 30 January 2015
Supported by D&D, Jimmy Sing & Edseven.

$20 / $25 / $30